TigerTrak has experience integrating many services and applications with Tigerpaw CRM. Here’s our list of currently-available offerings. Do you have other products or services you’d like to link to Tigerpaw? Contact us to see what we can do for you!


Stop wasting employee time scrutinizing tax code rates, customer jurisdictions, and part classifications. Sentry with AvaTax eliminates wasted hours by passing invoice information to Avalara™, and retrieving item-by-item tax rates and amounts.

AvaTax is a subscription-based service that works by intercepting invoices after approval. Once an invoice has been approved, it is put on hold and cannot be posted until TigerTrak Sentry processes the AvaTax request. The AvaTax service calculates tax based on the originating and destination locations, and the items on an invoice. After the tax information is retrieved, the invoice is allowed to be posted to your accounting system.


  • No more tax code research
  • Handle entity use tax
  • Eliminate paying unnecessary taxes


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